Tres Bon Pregnancy

Designed with the needs of an expecting mother, this massage also incorporates a hydrating abdominal mask to soothe dry, dehydrated, tightly stretched skin.

Raindrop Therapy

The use of essential oils is an ancient therapy used to assist in balancing the body. We use only Young Living therapeutic grade oils to deliver an experience to leave you feeling grounded and balanced. Oils are placed strategically along the back and feet as light massage strokes are used to deliver a relaxing experience to the senses.

Cupping is a therapeutic treatment that uses suction and negative pressure. This treatment can deliver benefits such as loosening muscle and encourage blood flow. Cupping is used to relieve stiff muscles, back and neck pains as well help bring relief to migraine suffers. This treatment can be accompanied by a massage.

This treatment is an ancient Chinese technique known as Gua Sha (pronounced gwa-sha). This alternative natural therapy uses a massage tool to help improve circulation and address stagnant energy which many therapists believes contributes to inflammation. This technique is generally performed on the arms, legs and back to help alleviate bound muscles. It is accompanied by a customized massage.

Crème de la Crème 
A smoothing body treatment that exfoliates and deeply moisturizes the entire body while improving circulation. You will be cocooned in a warming blanket to enhance moisture penetration while relaxing.    

Nice Seaweed Bain 
Let the minerals of natural seaweed release stress and detoxify your body. Relax and let our whirlpool jets do their magic.

Portofino Salt Glow with Vichy Shower
Glow is the word for this deep exfoliating treatment. It will slough away dead skin cells and restore healthy looking skin. Your stress will melt away as your skin is gently massaged with a blend of aromatic sea salts, mineral salts, and essential oils to improve impurities and stimulate circulation bringing your skin back to a beautiful radiance. Followed by twenty minutes of a relaxing shower. 

Salzburg Moor Mud Wrap 
Organic seaweed mud is painted gently on the body to soothe and relax tired muscles. The body is then wrapped to increase activation of the key ingredients. Followed by a relaxing vichy shower. 

(Descriptions below)

Ion Spa - 30 minutes $35
3 session package $90
(detox foot bath)

Nice Seaweed Bain  - $65
45 minutes:  Organic detoxifying seaweed hydro jetted bath

Aromatherapy Dead Sea Bain - $65
45 minutes:  Organic detoxifying hydro jetted bath with essential oils

Crème de la Crème - $95
60 minutes:  Dry exfoliation followed by moisturizing wrap

Portofino Salt Glow with Vichy Shower  - $80 
45 minutes:  Exfoliation followed by hot Vichy shower & steam

Belissima - $99
60 minutes: Upper body massage with a warm moisturizing full body wrap

Salzburg Moor Mud Wrap with Vichy Shower - 45 minutes $110
Detoxifying mud wrap with Vichy Shower


​Each massage begins with a consultation to customize each guests specific needs and expectations. Your therapist will then be able to incorporate: Swedish, relaxing, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, therapeutic, Essential Oil, add friction or cupping to any massage.​

Anti-Stress Massage - 30 minutes  $65
Full Body Massage - 60 minutes  $90
Extended Full Body Massage - 90 minutes  $120

Hot Stone Massage - 90 minutes  $135
Couples Massage - 60 minutes  $180

Pregnancy Massage* - 60 minutes  $100
Tres Bon Pregnancy* - 60 minutes $

Raindrop Therapy - 60 minutes $100

Cupping - 30 minutes $70 

Complementary Essential Oil with any massage

*ONLY after 1st trimester - must mention at time of booking 

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